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MerpMerp, in my limited experience with the new setup at the Sands, the dealers seem very high energy and cheer you on. There are a lot of tables though so expect all sorts of weird splits, doubles and hits the greater # of players at your session.
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More info on (Stadium Blackjack) Sep/4/2017: Stadium Blackjack.

BTW, TCS-JohnHuxley with Novomatic has similar game (Parallel Blackjack) 19/Oct/2009: Parallel Blackjack.

Both Stadium-Blackjack and Parallel-Blackjack use Common-Draw Flop-Cards.

I have (Common-Hand Blackjack®) it doesn't use Common-Draw Cards, invented 2006. Common-Hand Blackjack®.
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I found a casino that has stadium blackjack but deals it from a shoe. I have never counted cards before but I figured I would try this out. I played it for a few hours the other day and it seems like it would work. My question is do these machines have some sort of software alerting someone if they are spreading their bets? I mean I don't see how they couldn't, I'm just wondering. I wasn't planning on doing anything crazy, maybe going from 1x$5 to 3x$25. The casino that it's at I would probably rate at an 8 out of 10 on the sweaty scale. I really don't feel like getting any more taps on the shoulder.
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It must be doing good business.

PA Sands took out a couple poker tables to make room for about 20 more BJ terminals.
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This is not a good sign.

One dealer can deal to hundreds of terminals. Labor costs are miniscule compared to staffing pits of live tables.

It's a CSM, so it's uncountable. Oversight is minimal. No need to apply sweat.

There are no chips. Deposit cash in a slot, receive a coupon to be redeemed at the cage. No fills. No floor approval of buy-ins or cash-outs.

OK, there are significant hardware costs in installing the terminals. But how much did you pay for your last laptop?

Want to institute a new side-bet? No felts to replace, no dealer training. The dealers are robots. (And how long before that is LITERALLY true?)

Finally, the demographics of all table games is trending older every day. Analog games like craps and blackjack are not drawing the younger crowd, who have grown up using a digital device / video to interact with the outside world for every interaction there is.

We're doomed.

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