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This is not a Supreme Court case. Curious what method actually makes more ev when including scouting hours for a mid stakes players? I can honestly say it probably takes 20 to 50 hours to find a profitable setup to Holecard. Card counting is availabke all the time, so I think the hourly rate is not much different. The variance is much lower on a holecard play though. Any thoughts ?
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Because of the way kelly betting works hole carding is much better. Let's say you have a 10k bank. With hole carding you can bet let's say 5% per hand, every hand, being conservative, so $500, and make $50 per hand (> 10% edge even with some cover plays).

With counting you have a 1% edge, and if you are being just as conservative you can only bet $50 per hand, and are making .50 per hand.

So hole carding is 100 times better. Of course this is assuming hole carding blackjack, so if you are hole carding some other game the edge might be smaller. Or higher.

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