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I was wondering, if you were caught card counting at Indian casinos, and the casino do illegal things to you such as unwarranted back-rooming,

1: What should you do

2: What kind of legal protections do you have

3: Is Indian casinos illegally punishing card counters something to worry about or does it almost never happen?

4: Will they usually do the same as non-Indian casinos before illegally punishing you? Such as backing you off.

5: Should you call the police?
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You should listen to the last episode of GWAE, Bob Neerson, a well known gaming lawyer, went in to this topic in pretty decent detail.

At a Indian casino, you pretty much have none of the legal protections that you have at a casino in USA territory. I doubt too many get physical nowadays, but they will certainly detain you and seize your cash. And from a legal prospective, there's pretty much nothing you can do about it.
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Nevada's laws apply only in Nevada. What might be an illegal backrooming in Nevada could be perfectly legal in other states (Maryland) and Indian territories.
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I wouldn't paint all Indian casinos with such a broad brush. It depends. I doubt anyone can answer what "Indian casinos usually do". Also note that there's a difference between Indian territory and Indians on a settlement on land that they purchased just like you or I would.

For what it's worth, I was just caught at one this year. I received no warning or backing off. Backroomed and banned for life. I asked the guy what he would do if I just ran off, and he mumbled something about being uncooperative, but I didn't get the impression that he would have tackled me or drawn his weapon. (I did have a weapon drawn on me at that same casino 20 years ago, though.)

The only reason I went with him to the backroom was because they had my stuff in the hotel room and I didn't really want to get escorted out of there and have my stuff tossed in the parking lot or worse. They didn't take my cash and they weren't all that mean to me.

The funny part is this tribe lets you appeal to the tribe gaming commission. So I went there for the hearing and everything. Appeal denied. It was worth the experience.
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Should you dial 911 if they try to do something illegal to you?
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They are 911.

In one of the BJ books I read, the cashier gave a counter a hard time and insisted he provide id while cashing out. They delayed and delayed.
When the counter got to where his car had been parked, there was an empty space with two freshly painted blue stripes and a sign saying Handicapped Only.
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Playing at an indian casino is a risk vs reward scenario. You must understand that when doing so you are NOT in america (essentially). They have sovereign immunity. If they do something "illegal" by US law, you'd have to sue them in Tribal Court, where the judge is the brother of the arresting officer. They can make up their own laws/rules and many of AP's have had their money stolen from these places with little rebuttal.

That being said, sometimes the juice is worth the squeeze...
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According to this site - - there are four tribal casinos in Nevada. (Note that Wa She Shu Casino is no longer planned, but in business.) So, if any of these are on tribal land, then they would not be governed by the Nevada Gaming Commission, right? Does anyone know if any of these have Class II machines?
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