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November 11th, 2016 at 4:43:06 AM permalink
When I visited Palms(few weeks ago), I was wondered why they have 5$ 3:2 and 10$ 6:5 tables next to each other.
I asked the dealer on the 6:5 game(no one played it) why they do that and he said "its a single deck game, any you can count here"!

It sounds very strange for me, but I thought: is it even possible to beat a 6:5 game with counting? Its a single deck by I guess they shuffle frequently. I didn't play it so I don't know.

Have you seen anything like this before?
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November 11th, 2016 at 8:24:35 AM permalink
Eh, kinda heard things like this before. Some places that "get it" make the rules so bad and the penetration so shallow that you can't beat it with counting so they say "sure, try!" Other places are just ignorant in thinking "it's 6:5, that can't be beat!" which is not true...

The kicker though - In either situation if you start winning they can always just bar you anyways...

6:5 is still beatable, but with the added house edge you need to up your bet at like TC +4, which is rare, and thus you need to spread really hard when you do get to bet bigger and that will create a ton more variance as well... Unless you really know what you're doing from a bankroll and RoR standpoint, avoid 6:5.
Playing it correctly means you've already won.

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