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one of the best ways to by pass the learning curve is to hire a coach. For ..... ( solicitation deleted )

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Apparently you are unable to make more than that playing yourself. Interesting.
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You are approaching this wrong. Rather than charge now, you want to get a percent of future winnings. Train a team of ten and collect 5% of their daily winnings.
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I felt like this was coming. I read through his other posts because they seemed to be moderately informed, but he definitely went stray from a few topics such as telling an OP in another thread it was worthless to learn the strategy for counting Spanish21, Free Bet BJ, and Blackjack Switch... when those games can often times be the most lucrative.

To anyone thinking of "hiring" someone and PAYING them I say this... There is all of the FREE information you need available to have not only a fantastic understanding of the complete game, but to guarantee mathematically that you do in fact have a winning game.

I myself have tutored approximately 2 dozen people on a couple of sites over the years and have not charged nor collected ONE PENNY from anyone. I don't feel it's right. Sure, others may disagree, and there is something to be said for having an expert in something give their time to you, but I see it for me as more of a debt owed. NO ONE makes it completely on their own when it comes to counting or AP'ing. No one. If someone tells you they didn't read any books, ask any questions to anyone else (in person or online) then they are completely full of s**t. I myself learned to count on my own, and a rough idea of things, but I DID NOT have a winning game until I stumbled upon books and forums with people who know much more than I did.

That is why I put together the A-Z articles. That is why I respond to basically every single blackjack thread, with my "long-winded" responses as Axel calls them. That's why I've sent LITERALLY HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of pages of advice to people via e-mail, PM's, and having discussions with them over the phone/skype/etc/etc. I do that because for the FREE information I received which pointed me down the right path... I owe.

Here is a complete list to having a winning game, and anything about blackjack not directly discussed or mentioned in these articles is open for discussion via thread, email, or PM:
Playing it correctly means you've already won.
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