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April 14th, 2016 at 3:03:10 PM permalink
My buddy and I are thinking of making a visit down there. We spread 25-250 fairly slowly (1-1 with the count), and use HiLo which won't be super efficient with the number of SD games down there. I've read a lot about the Reno casinos backing players off quicker than average. Is that still the case?
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I Have never been to Reno, but have heard they have some sweaty single deck where you can only double on 10 and 11. The average shoe game is probably better. A 10 to 1 spread is pretty big, so don't be surprised to get some heat.
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Most casinos in Reno deal single deck pitch games with doubling restricted to 10 and 11, and no double after split. A few exceptions: Boomtown and Western Village are two low-roller joints that deal single deck and allow doubling on any two cards. Boomtown only has one table games pit, and there are generally a mix of $5-500 and $10-500 BJ games. Western Village is a Peppermill property and it typically has games with limits of $2-200, $3-200, and $5-200. That’s been my experience, anyway.

Also, the Alamo truck stop in Sparks has one BJ table and it restricts doubling to 9, 10, or 11. Until recently, this joint allowed double on anything and offered late surrender. They changed the rules in the last few months.

The DD games in Reno typically allow doubling on any two cards and no double after split.

Watch out for 6:5 BJ - they call it “Super Single Deck.” The only thing “super” about it is the size of the house edge.

One more thing about Reno: the penetration varies WIDELY. It pays to scout…
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April 20th, 2016 at 9:12:10 AM permalink
As CallSaul stated, there are two places left where you can play single deck and double on anything. One is Western Village in sparks, and the other is Boomtown. You would need to have a car with you to get to either place. To say they sweat the money at Boomtown would be an understatement, but Western Village is playable (at least it was as of a few months ago). The table max is only $200 though, so you may bump up against it.

Downtown it's all double on 10/11 only for single deck, and they sweat their games even with the horrible rules. They even sweat their double decks, which universally have no DAS and are H17, not realizing that most counters won't bother playing these games. Given that almost all BJ tables in Reno are hand-dealt though, if you're a hole-carder there are plenty of opportunities in Reno. Some of the players clubs are also way too generous on their games.

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