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Alright, so I am going to be in Vegas for about a week in August. I have been working a lot on counting lately, but I am not confident enough about it to really start laying the big spreads down (I've just learned the Hi-Lo count, and I think I would be better off learning a more advanced count in its place, rather than spending a bunch of time perfecting my Hi-Lo count). My Hi-Lo count is accurate, to where I could do the spreads and just miss out on the advantage that comes from changes to basic strategy, but I just don't feel ready to take that risk.

But I am going to be in Vegas. And I would like to gamble in Vegas...so here's my question:

I can do the perfect insurance count quite well (-4 per deck, -2 for tens, +1 for anything else, insurance favorable at any positive value, and is an even bet at zero), since it's a pretty straightforward count and there are no indices to learn or strategy changes to make: it's just Yes or No.

So if I do the insurance count mentioned above, flat-betting, can it make me an advantage player? At least for the single deck .18% house edge games at El Cortez and 4 Queens? What about for the .35% house edge double deck at a bunch of places?

Is this better or worse than I could do with a simple A-5 count?

(Also, I looked at the Blackjack Survey, and it says El Cortez and 4 Queens are .3% house edge. The American Casino Guide says .18%, I am pretty sure with the same rules as the Survey shows. Which is right?)
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No. You will not have the opportunity to buy insurance enough to give yourself the advantage, no matter how good the rules are. You will lower the house edge. It's not a bad strategy to start out with, I think, if you are just looking to have fun and improve your skills. You might also try the ace-five count.

The HE at the places you mentioned is .18% with optimal composition-dependent strategy. For the rest of us it's around .25%.
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