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Quote: Amlee

Hit up Gun Lake for about 5 hours last night. All CSMs at the $5 table. $10, $15 and $25 tables deal from a shoe. All games are 6D, H17, DAS, 3:2, & No Surrender.

Jumped in at the $10 table and got up $100. Transitioned to $15 table and won another $150.

Then moved to $25 table, hit a hot shoe and went up between $600-800 total.

Then flatted out at +$600 and stayed there for a while. I should have f-ing left! But I didn't because I wanted to test those waters. Wonged out a bit here and there, didn't spread too hard (pit was watching, but friendly).

Slowly lost all $600 back. Not even on big hands. Just got freakin' killed in one shoe and probably lost 70% of the hands. Count was average...but bleeding green. When count necessitated 2 units, I upped and lost, 3 units the same, and so on. Was back down to what I walked in with.

Tried to get it going again and left down -$400.

Nothing burns more than going up that much and then walking out in the red.

I'm around -$1350 career (1.5 year of counting). Honestly not all that much when I think about how much and how hard I've played. I honestly feel like the average player playing the hands I have might be down $10k (or more). But that still doesn't help. I haven't made money doing this. My original idea was to work it as a part-time job and slowly pay off the last $15k of my student loans. So far, that's not working out too well.

I gotta chill out for a bit, as I really need to build a sufficient bankroll. But clearly, the power of counting is there. There is skill in this sort of play. But it's elusive and you can dive fast. Everyone around me was getting their ass handed to them. And eventually, so did I. ;)

This tricky game.

You've given out a lot of identifying information, name of casino, when you played, hours played, tables played, the fact that you count and the amount you lost. It may not matter now but could someday so be aware. You wouldn't believe who reads this forum. Friendly pit? Aren't they all - until they're not?

Why didn't you stick with $10 tables? You could have still bet $25 anytime you wanted while having the option of lowering the bet.
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Quote: Amlee


Great advice, which I definitely take to heart. I really don't jump limits. Just wanted to try it out yesterday. Definitely understand the RoR issues.

I am a $10 guy, but wanted to play the $25 action. Lesson learned. :)

Us $10 guys always want to play the $25 action =p... We must respect the math though =(. One day, one day...
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