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On friday I was at my local casino and decided to play a little blackjack, no live games there just a couple of Shufflemasters. Had a $30 ticket from a slot and turned it into $130. Dealer couldn't do anything while I was at the table and at one point had three 6's in a row. So I figured it was a nice little rush for a flea like me and left the table.

Was talking to another gambler I know about my little rush and he wanted to go play BJ so off I went with him back to the table. I started with a $2 minimum bet again. I almost always play a progression system at any table game and work my bet up with no win limits. Went on a real rush again. Getting lots of chance to double down and hitting them all and worked my bet up to $70. This is when the proof of 'it is better to be lucky than good' occurred. I was dealt AA and of course want to split them. I was starting to get a little excited by then and my friend who had talked me into going back to table with him was going nuts. With all the exciitement and talking with him I screwed up and hit the double down button. I caught another A for 13 with $140 out in bets. The dealer of course busted for me and I rake in $280. I backed of my bet then and things cooled off so I happily cashed out $448.00
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