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It appears that with competition coming to Atlantic City in the next few months, the 'demise' of blackjack has been accelerated in atlantic city. Reports from another forum indicate that the Borgata is mostly 8deck/hit on soft 17, and the tropicana has gotten rid of all their stand soft 17 tables on the main floor - meaning that 8deck, hit soft 17 is now the game for the masses. A few years ago, you could at least find a few tables that had favorable rules (stand soft 17, 6 decks) on the main floor. Now you have to go to the high limit rooms at $50 a hand, or $25 for the main floor, which is out of my bankroll. :( I have not heard much other than the Pa gaming regs permit surrender, 6 deck games, standing on soft 17. Not sure what Delaware's blackjack will look like, but with only 3 casinos, I don't view it as direct competition. It should be interesting if those rules go into effect what the casinos in AC will do - would this start the decline of blackjack on the east coast as the dominant game? Only time can tell I suppose.

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For what it's worth, I was at Delaware Park and Harrington over the weekend. Harrington has areas cleared for the tables and construction is proceeding (and has been going on for about a month). Most of the construction work at Harrington is related to the ceiling. At Delaware Park, the actual tables are arriving and are beginning to be positioned--not so at Harrington.

It looks like they are 3-4 weeks away (if not sooner)from starting up at Delaware Park.

This was my first visit to Delaware Park and I was very impressed at what I saw. But when I consider that the original facility was designed by a DuPont and it's located in the DuPont family's figurative backyard, I guess I really should not have been surprised.
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