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The Dracula dude on Sesame Street is a pretty wicked card counter, I guess.

Anyone ever played with him before?

I look forward to seeing him parked at 3rd base someday.
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Unfortunately, +4 isn't all that great.
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To answer the main question. I am working on it. Just had a 30 minute at home session using a single deck. I've been doing this for almost a month now getting ready for a trip to Vegas November. I started just flipping over cards and counting. I recently moved to playing blackjack and counting. Next will be 2 decks and then I'll find my old chips. All this to get back into shape and to get a real feel for the game again. I really like using cards and chips over computer programs.

No. I wouldn't want a Muppet at 3rd base.

I watched the last hour of NL Vegas Vacation today...
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Don't spend too much time on that flipping the cards drill. I have always felt that is overrated. Flipping through a deck in 20-some seconds just doesn't simulate anything. I don't much care for practicing on computer for the same reason, although it does simulate an actual game a little more closely. Personally, my preferred method is to just deal yourself hands. I play live bj almost everyday, yet I still spend a little time each day, practicing dealing hands to myself and my partner. This allows you to not only practice counting, but also practice deck estmation of cards played and remaining, as well as practice playing out the hands and index play recall in just the manner that the game is actually played. Enjoy your Vegas trip!
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The best card counter in the world is some black/asian/middle eastern/hispanic lady (basically minority) who is making a killing playing single deck S17 DAS RSA LS in Podunk, IA spreading 1-2 with some crazy count that makes no sense to anyone but herself. Probably will be playing a $5 minimum just for fun or something.
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