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Edit: Okay, never mind. I'm not sure if I'm blind or stupid here, but I totally didn't see the 1000 to 1 on version 4. (I suspect I saw the "electronic blackjack game" bit and immediately developed a blind spot.) Thank you, sir!

I was over at Silverton the other day and noticed that there was yet another version of Royal Match there, present on the 2-deck tables (and possibly the rest, but I didn't get a look to see if they were exactly the same.) Not sure if it's quite different enough to warrant an independent mention, but hey, why not:

Same Suit: 2.5 to 1
Suited KQ: 25 to 1
Player and Dealer Suited KQ: 1000$, flat.

Limit of 25$ for the Royal Match bet, minimum of 1$.

My, very likely to be wrong, pre-coffee, sleep-deprived mind says that the value is something like .6 of a penny, but anybody else care to weigh in?
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Looks like that's 7.59%.
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