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I have been learning the K-O Counting System, which simply states that 2-7 adds 1 to the count, 10-A reduces the count by 1, and 8 and 9 are neutral. However, I noticed that on the Wizard of Odd's site, he mentions the A-5 counting system for beginners, in which fives add 1 and aces subtract 1 and everything else is neutral.

If I combine them by using the K-O counting system, but adding 2 to the count for every five and take away 2 for every A, would that give me a more accurate idea of whether the house or the player currently has the advantage? If so, would the pivot point change, or would I still increase my bet on a count of 2 or higher and bet the table minimum for a count of 1 or lower?
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Are you playing shoe games or pitch games? I wish I could give you some good solid math on why this is a bad idea. You're just learning and you want to turn K-O into a level 2 count? If you think you are ready for a more difficult level look into Zen or Unbalanced Zen 2. compares several counts and I think you'll find the site interesting.
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