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Got it.

Is there then, a table with the advantage per every card count?
What I mean is for example:

when it's +10 then you have 1.20%
when it's +11 then you have 1.35%

I just threw random numbers above to explain you my question better.. =)
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A plus 1 count in Hi-Lo gives the player a 0.5% advantage. Add 0.5% to that each time the count rises by 1. Plus 2 would be a 1% advantage etc. This is very broad and is by no means written in stone. It depends on the count you are using, rules of the particular game and penetration among other things. You'd really have to sim it.
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Quote: 1BB

For the 0.28% game you will lose 28 cents for every $100 wagered. In the meantime it will be one wild ride.

Sorry, but at 25.00 a hand, ain't no way to lose twenty-eight cents and its far more likely to lose 100 for every 100 wagered. That twenty eight cents is a mythical figure because no one plays with an ultimate bankroll other than the house.

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