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Quote: tringlomane

True, but at MGM properties at least, does he need to bet $25 min to get rated? I read that a lot here, but I really don't know.

Getting comps from his play would obviously be a nice bonus. But that also means he should be acting less like a card counter I would assume.

Some MGM properties will rate red chip play. What I was getting at was that the link provided didn't take any betting spread into account.
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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the insight. I'll be working most of the days and figure I'll only spend 8 hours total gambling at Blackjack tables. My room is free, so are most of my meals so there's not a whole lot to comp unless they're willing to send booze up to my room to drown my sorrows from losing after splitting aces, flipping 9s and the dealer 6-cards to 20... How I love that.

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Enjoy your trip.

How about posting a trip report when you return?
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Paris has a $25 DD table over all the time, but it is H17. Never have any issues with bet speads at this table. It is at the end of the row with Pai Gow and Bacc tables right outside the high limit room and the cashier station.
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You can find decent DD for 5/10 min. at Gold Coast,Orleans, palace station, Southpoint, Silverton.

Or head to the TEZ for SD(good rules 5 min.) but the Pits/ dealers will sweat the $$$ like it's theirs !! LOL

Or if you want a terrible casino w/ a good 5 min. DD, head to Terrible's !

Mirage has 25 min. S17 w/ S ( 1 table) in the back by the high limit slots, use that bathroom !!
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Quote: 1BB

I don't know the whereabouts of any mythical tables.

Well, a poster here has reported (previously, on another board) that Caesars has a "cursed" craps table.
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If you're not going to have a lot of time to gamble, why not stick with video poker at the bars you like? Chances are you won't win much if at all on BJ, but think of the possibilities (and much better comps) if you play vp.
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Quote: SantaQ

I'm staying at Aria... not sure I want to gamble there... I prefer smaller places but enjoy Rio/Paris/Bellagio (video poker at their bar is pretty sweet).

Anyway, for a year or so I've been practicing counting. 10-20 minutes a day in simulations and I'm 95% accurate with inaccuracies being +/- 1. I'm using HiLo at the local card house just to practice - I go with $200 bucks and generally I'm up 50 or down 50 when I leave. Not there to win, just practice.

For this trip, the bankroll will be $3K This should get me into $25 tables and be able to play for a while, hopefully get a few things comped - I'm not there to win at a game that's stacked against me.

All that said, I'm looking for suggestions of where to play. I see myself as going maybe 8x table minimum (that's what I do here).

Should I go for standard 6 decks where I can count all cards or would the DD be better (I do hate not seeing what people have)? Are there any 4-deck slots?

Better to go to a $10 and bet $25 or just show up at the $25 and play there?

Again, I'm there to play, socialize, and if I lose $3-5K, nbd but it'd sure be nice to play for a while before ruin comes a knock'n.


the best blackjack is at the Aria, Belagio or MGM grand, (S17 DAS) but generally the tables have a $100 min bet
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Quote: tringlomane

True, but at MGM properties at least, does he need to bet $25 min to get rated? I read that a lot here, but I really don't know.

If going to the Bellagio is ONLY for the Video Poker at their bar, then so be it. However, blackjack at the Bellagio is going to be 25 and up or it won't be "visible" to those who might award comps. Oh sure, someone will post about lower limit tables at the Bellagio even on busy nights but in reality BJ action at the Bellagio is not really visible unless its Green or higher.
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Quote: Bondy3

the best blackjack is at the Aria, Belagio or MGM grand, (S17 DAS) but generally the tables have a $100 min bet

This is not true at all - you have a very good chance of finding $25 mins and MGM and Bellagio (in that order), and $50 mins at Aria are possible. On my last trip I scanned the Aria pit at least 3 times and never found a $25 min at Aria, but it was all weekend. I wouldn't be surprised to find a $25 min there during off-peak times.
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