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I know that it's not the strongest card counting system by a long shot, but I am able to do the Wizard's Ace-Five count well and find it perfectly suitable for my purposes. I also know that using more complex card counting systems allows you to make basic strategy deviations based on the count (e.g., taking insurance). I assume that all of those count specific deviations have no use to me since the A/5 count isn't tracking 10s. That said, it does track Aces and Fives. So my question is, are there any deviations from basic strategy that should be made when the count is high or low enough? In thinking it over, it seems possible that if the count were high enough, it might be correct to double a 10 against an Ace (for example). There may be other examples, but you get the idea. Does anyone know, for either S17 or H17 games? Thanks.

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