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Quote: MonkeyMonkey

This question is more for bigplayer, but since GH essentially agreed I wouldn't mind hearing his/her take on this as well...

...what is the source of your information for your statement above?

I've been an information assurance/security practitioner for more than 30 years; in the Government, IT and retail industries. Philosophically, my skillset should easily transfer into gaming as well. But enough about me...

In any industry, there are 2 kinds of security practitioners; the "superstars" and the "pragmatists." The superstar leans towards "risk aversion" and "world class excellence," without much consideration for cost and the bottom line. The pragmatist leans towards "risk management" and "good enough" to protect the bottom line. Security is viewed by management, in any industry, as a "cost center." It does not generate profit, or increase profit. If ever security was a "profit center," you'd see them listed in a company's annual report.

Now, I'm going to give some examples and commentary, of real life risk management, with respect to security...

Walmart will not prosecute shoplifters for values of under $25.
This is the best publicly acknowledged form of risk management. Notice the last paragraph though, in the article. Obviously, the unhappy employee is a security "superstar" who is unhappy about the company's move away from security excellence.

Anonymous declares 'cyberwar' on Israel...
The government is doing a good job of managing risk. They haven't overreacted to the "attacks," because no critical systems are being affected. Strategically, I'd say let the script kiddies think they are doing harm.

On a weekly basis, I rotate through certain casinos. I sit down, play for just a bit; utter "BINGO!" to the dealer when I reach a certain dollar amount, and then walk away. I'm probably part of what Arnold Snyder calls the "counter subculture" that knows where every free hotdog in town is. The floor critters know who I am, no actions are ever taken against me; because I do not put them at risk.

Gambling makes up smallest chunk ever of casino revenue...
With bigger profit centers, casinos will be directing security to concentrate their limited resources on other tasks. They now have surveillance cameras in the buffet areas. They won't stop me from AP, but they once stopped me because surveillance saw me put food in my fanny pack!

Willy is a security superstar. Casino managers who attend his seminars will pick and choose what to do based primarily on the bottom line.

How does this affect the average AP personally? I think that if you use your head, and don't act greedy, you have nothing to worry about. Emphasis on the word "greedy."

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