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I will be visting vegas for the first time this April and will be staying at Harrahs. I will be coming on Sunday and leaving late thursday night. I perfer to play for 10-25 hands and some times I might parlay a few hands up to $100. I know I am considered small time and I may have a hard time finding a good game of BJ. I wont play unless: 1) BJ pays 3-2, 2)Double on any 2 cards and after split and Perfer also 1) Dealer stand on soft 17 2)2 decks 3) resplit aces. On another thread I had mentioned that I saw that treasure island had this game but a lot of people posted that they did not see this game there and when it was there the min. was $25 or more. I am setting a $400 dollar a day loss limit on myself. I am scared that I am being over ambitious with my standards and my level of play. Any comments or suggestions would be very helpful.
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I'd head across the street to the Mirage. They have both double deck ($25) and 6-deck that are s17, DAS, RSA, double any two cards, late surrender. I played the shoe game at 2 in the morning, limits were $10-$10000. My guess is that they will be higher earlier in the night.
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Although it's a longer walk from Harrah's, Mandalay Bay has the good 6D game, usually with a $10 minimum. At Monte Carlo I have seen it as low as $5...but you'll need to look hard because there aren't many S17 tables there.
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Mirage, Bellagio, Monte Carlo, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Luxor.
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looking at the survey.. ti has the best low buy in on the strip. a good 2 deck game

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