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Don't want to do a full trip report but thought I'd share a little story.

In April I had a trip where the 9/6 JoB was eating me alive, but then had a nice craps experience at the GG (100 dollar buy in, cashed out 800) to make up for it.

Just got back from three nights in Vegas and had a similar experience to that. VP actually wasn't that bad to me this trip, but had bad luck at BJ at P Ho (25 dollar 3/2 H17 six deck shoe) and craps at Ellis Island (will never play craps there again, the pit boss is a major fun killing asshole, will return for beer and food only) that had me on the ropes quick. I gambled very little my second full day, instead watching NFL and drinking heavily). I was with a group of 9 other guys from work, but left them at the strip the final day to go back to my favorite places downtown.

Anyways, my bankroll pre trip was at 1800 (this is what I save monthly to put aside for gambling/vacations) and I thought I was going to have to start over again as I got down to my last fifty in chips at the GG craps table, when a male craps virgin got the dice and completely blew up the stereotype, going on what had to be at least 30 minutes of not hitting a seven at all. He hit the first point pretty quick which was good as I had everything down as a five dollar pass with full 10X odds allowed there. That gave me enough to start my normal strategy of pass+come with 5X odds. Soon enough every number was covered and I pressed to 10X odds. Soon after that I pressed my pass/come to 10 with full 10X odds and had 300 or 400 spread across. Never got 10 with 10X set up on every number (I think I was lacking the five and nine) but this guy could not stop rolling 4s, 6s and 8s. Along the run I made some VERY generous dealer bets (5 pass with 5X odds...and then later 10X odds) and was putting odds down for the shooter because he was only playing 5 dollar pass with 2X odds.

When all was said and done with the eventual seven out I colored up to 15 black chips. I think only four or five actual pass line points were hit (still an impressive task) but there were just so many numbers rolled that a come bettor like me would clean up. I had a couple of celebratory drinks (Curly at the GG bar is STILL the man) including a fantastic Old Fashioned before heading back to P Ho to sleep and end my trip. It's nice being home and knowing I can do another trip in a few months rather than in a year, but even if it had gone against me I had a fantastic time this trip.

I'm cross posting this at VMB and WoV, I hope I do not offend either site by doing so.
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Very good! If you had been playing across the street at Main Street, you could have pressed to $100 odds on a $5 bet. (But then you wouldn't have had that roll). I did get up to $200 there once, with $2+$40 for the dealers on every number. (Actually was a friend's bets). Still haven't matched that roll. Downtown is a fun place to play craps!
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whats VMB?
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Quote: vert1276

whats VMB?

Vegas Message Boards.

Congratulations on that profitable session. I agree with your views toward Ellis Island: if you are nearby and want fresh microbrewed beer, go for it. If you want their off-menu steak and pint of beer special for 899 (or 799?) go for it. If you want to have fun at the craps table, go elsewhere.

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