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September 14th, 2016 at 7:35:33 PM permalink
In Sept 2014, took my annual Vegas trip for the start of football season. Staying at the Orleans. Woke up early Friday, went downstairs to the casino and was just effing around at keno, playing quarters. After playing 4 card for maybe 5 minutes, switched my numbers up and quickly hit 8 out of 8 for $25 hundred. Capped off a great year, having already hit 7 for 7 for $14 hundred, and winning $12 hundred on a quick hits machine. Have not come close to anything like it since.
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September 15th, 2016 at 3:37:46 AM permalink
I have never had a hand pay on a slot machine. I don't play them often but when we do I would say max bet is usually $1.20 or $2.
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September 15th, 2016 at 10:13:51 PM permalink
I hit for $1300 once on a $1 5-line 1 credit per line (i.e.: $5/spin) slot when I was testing it. Got absolutely wrecked on it (not me, someone else) for like $9k later on when we decided to max bet it.

Someone whom I was taking action on hit for $13,700 or so on his first spin at $100/spin. He kept saying how he's all lucky n shjt, everyone was like yeah okay sure riiiiiiight then he hits a total monster on the first spin.
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September 15th, 2016 at 10:20:19 PM permalink
five kay
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Thanks for this post from:
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Biggest win proportionately was $3345.00 on a 40 cent bet. Was about 2004 in Biloxi at the Grand. For a while there they were banking standard Williams video games with an extra symbol on reel 5, that when hit took you to a Jackpot Party type bonus round where you picked prizes. One of the prizes was a star that, if found before a party pooper, advanced you to another round with higher values. If you could find stars in 4 rounds, you won the progressive.

I didn't know I any of.that, was just taking a cheap break from the tables, but the round bank of about 12 machines was.full of people pounding furiously and fast. Not sure how there was even a chair open, but it must've been +ev. I hate playing for 1x, so I bet 2x on a 20 line machine. Was that Jungle Wild one with native jewelry, animals, and the Mayan pyramids scatter bonus.

So I got the reel 5 symbol and the screen changed to presents, about 40 or 50 per screen, not that i knew why it had changed; didn't notice the special symbol. Got a couple presents, found a star, screen changed, more presents. Got 1 present, found a star. Screen change, 1/2 dozen presents, found a star. Last screen, just found a star.

Screen went blank. People started screaming, cursing, standing up, other people are coming over to the area. I'm thinking my machine broke, trying to decide if I want to start punching.buttons or call the attendant, because my presents money has disappeared along with the rest of my 20. Maybe $12 or so net. Distracted with that rather than aware of what's around me.

I turn to the lady sitting behind me, say what happened, she says you won. Thinking she's talking about my lost bonus money, I say yeah, but the game broke. She says, no, look up. 6 feet head is this riot of a bank cap with neon and big screens all going ballistic, music and firework animations, and big money with an arrow pointing at me. Major d'oh! on my part. But I sure enjoyed the money. Total ploppy win, blundering into it.
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September 16th, 2016 at 9:14:49 PM permalink
On a slot $1195 - I think I bet $15 - it's very unusual that I play slots like that but my mom and I decided to risk $100 playing like seven different slots once each at Bellagio

On VP $10 K - We do one $250 play on video poker each trip - if anybody hits something taxable they pay 10% to the others - these are five dollar machines 10 handed Ė I had aces with the kicker once Ė paid my two buddies a grand each but still kept over half after I went ahead took the taxes out - that was a treasure Island and you can no longer bet $250 a hand there so now we usually do the $125 plays.

I did have a one dollar VP progressive once for 9100 which was all mine.
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September 16th, 2016 at 9:27:29 PM permalink
Mine would be getting dealt 4 aces without a face card on Pay the Aces video poker. For $1.25, I won $1,975.
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September 17th, 2016 at 1:43:06 AM permalink
Do 25k must hits count?
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Biggest slot win?
Early seventies, I was sixteen years old.
Driving to CA to look for older brother that Highway Patrol reported might be dead.
Got just inside a casino in Vegas, dropped a dime ($0.10) in a machine that paid me 2 dimes ($0.20).
Then they threw me out. Haven't played a slot since.

Got a lead on Bro from some girl's dorm U of Cal, Santa Cruz. Down the coastal hwy, is that Hwy #1? Lovely drive, at least in 1971. Found him very alive and happy in a commune in LA.

Swam his ashes out to sea a couple years ago on/off Kauai. Kapaa. Forget the name of the beach. He went by the name Chubasco back in the seventies. I have an odd family. Four of his sons, and a daughter, now scattered around the world (4 mothers for the five kids) joined me for the quasi traditional Hawaiian ceremony/party. Ghandarva, Pueo, Kuau, River, and Jade. Big surf, thought I might drown. Didn't.

Prolly should have never walked back into a casino. I was a winner on my first visit ;-!
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September 17th, 2016 at 7:36:43 AM permalink
That post was extremely insightful - I honestly learned a lot
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