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August 5th, 2014 at 4:44:55 PM permalink
So I took an absolute beating earlier today-- down 70 blacks in about an hour without ever having more than three out at once.

Last table, buy in for 20, see what happens. Up and down, and eventually I stabilize at 35-40 for about two hours. The one guy I've been playing with decides to leave. So, just for fun, I start counting the wins-- "One in a row! You can do it!"

Well, this first shuffle of going head to head was okay. Up to 40 or so. Stupid blackjack on the last hand of the shuffle though.

The next one-- 13 consecutive wins (3 of which were doubles I didn't have the confidence for-- got burned for 40 on 3 consecutive doubles/splits that went sour earlier) a random (ugly) 17 push in the middle. Not a single hand that shuffle lost, whether it was hitting a 16 or 17vT.

I took the leftover greens and played them as a tip on the new shuffle-- an easy win, the loss. Packed up, hot breakfast, and left.

End result-- 14 consecutive wins, ignoring 1 push in the middle, 3 (potential) doubles, 0 BJs to push me back to even+tip. I had three dealers from nearby tables and two floor managers staring at me after the fifth or so.

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