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November 11th, 2020 at 10:11:49 AM permalink
I know all systems eventually fall over and die but they can offer some fun before the inevitable 'this time I really thought I'd cracked it'!
I have been having a reasonable amount of success recently with 3 Card Poker, specifically the variant offering Prime where you get paid 3/1 for all red or all black cards.
Alas, in the UK we are currently in lockdown again so no more land-based casinos for a few weeks. Try as I might, I can't see the Prime side bet offered anywhere online.
Anyone seen this mythical beast in an online casino and would like to share? And yes, I asked google first!

Ask for the system (I hear you cry) ...
2 points on Pair Plus
1 point on Prime

Losing bet costs you 3 points.
Any pair or any prime wins 1 point.
Extra points when having pair + prime (4 points), flush (7points), straight (5), straight and prime (9), three of a kind (32), straight flush (38).
I divide all losses by 7 to create my next stake. So reset to initial starting stake after a flush is guaranteed.
Not as crazy as it sounds honest!

In the UK we have a progressive sidebet where jackpot can be as high as £300k so the small 1 point wins are a 'free' attempt at that with minimum £500 for a three of a kind.

Its a game where you need to be able to sit for a few hours and grind it out and patience not to go chasing losses etc. Been good to me so far. (So far!).

Your esteemed wisdom would be gratefully received.
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November 11th, 2020 at 9:04:06 PM permalink
As you probably know, in the UK you can usually just play the sidebets at 3CP. It's surprising but the best way to play the game if you're looking for minimum cost per hand is the Pair-Plus bet. The sidebets are obviously uncountable since it's a fresh deck every hand, so any system of bet progession won't beat the House Edge. As you say a straight or flush is a nice payout and you need enough of these often enough to keep in the game. One of the higher payouts is a Brucie bonus.
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