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I didn't thnk I'd have to read far to get a real whopper, and I was right


In terms of books that come highly recommended, a good place to start for roulette is with Martin Jensen’s “Secrets of Winning Roulette.” .... these include using betting systems like the martingale ... Another key strategy is covering as many possible options with as few chips as you can to maximise your chances of winning.

imagine being a true newbie and reading this stuff
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Quote: odiousgambit

I didn't thnk I'd have to read far to get a real whopper, and I was right

imagine being a true newbie and reading this stuff

I had a craps player at a party a few weeks back said they "won big" playing Doey/Dontey. Well, she said they were playing it and I said, "you know that when you do that it is impossible to win." She said they "won big." I was too tired to go into it more, rather go home and explain it to the walls. At least if you do that they eventually take you to a nice place.

I get all kinds the times I work Roulette. To some at the end of the night I tell them I will let them in on the "dirty little secret" of the game, being it is perhaps the most balanced in the casino and no matter where you place your bets the odds are always the same. Some are amazed, some don't care, I get paid either way.
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The best thing that can happen to a first time gambler is to lose every penny possible and suffer a loss so bad that it turns them off gambling for their entire lives.
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A friend of mine was telling me that the best bet in the casino was red / black in Roulette. I made an honest attempt to correct him... But math was not permitted. Anyway, he usually wins the $2 nassau game we play at the golf course, so I didn't feel compelled to argue too much. This guy is the 95% that don't want to know or don't care... These guys love bad advice... You can tell them WOO has the optimal strategy for basically every game and they insist their gut is better. There is no way to help this player. Even if they get bad advice, they won't listen to it.

The ones that baffel me are the people who kinda get it...

There is the guy who holds a near top tier card playing quarter denomination video poker (A 99.6 game). I don't know what the value of all those perks are but his hourly has to be awful and his back has to be killing him...

Or the two vultures who get in a fight over who has dibs on a nickel play and one or both end up getting 86ed for fighting on the casino floor. Yup... Saw that with my own two eyes.... Also... While you two were fighting, I found two dollar plays in the next isle. Did either of you notice the open machines in the next isle??

Or blackjack guy who is continually blaming 3rd base even though his basic strategy is perfect.

These guys know a bunk article, but what they need is a psychiatrist, not gambling advice.

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