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I create a baccarat community for bac lovers. You can share anything about bac here. System, money management, winning stories, etc. We have the same goal. To defeat the Casinos.

Share n collect informations from others.

Let's bring the house down. Go natural 9!

Just search FB group : baccarat lovers

Thank you guys.
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Well hello bacpro, welcome to the forums.

This is the "Betting Systems" section of the forums. It's meant for discussing betting systems only. There is another section under the Gambling header called "Table Games." In there this thread would be more appropriate. There's tons and tons of threads already about baccarat. Feel free to use the search functionality of this site or to browse for them. Don't be too surprised when this thread doesn't get a ton of baccarat postings.

I hope you also know you're not going to bring the house down playing baccarat as it has a house edge associated with every bet. No "betting system" or "money management" system will overcome the house edge.

As your first post ever too, kind of not cool to link out to your FB group. Looks like spam.
Playing it correctly means you've already won.
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Romes is the big fan and big expert in Blackjack.

by reading Eliot's site, i now think, Baccarat is countable for some variants or side bets.

thanks, Eliot.

before, i am trying to find patterns by tons of excel analyses.

now, i am trying to learn from Eliot, he changes my whole pattern.

i am also trying to ask other chinese to count cards, not patterns.
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Hello, any Bac players out there?
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Quote: Hozdaddy

Hello, any Bac players out there?

Hi... yes!

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