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October 17th, 2015 at 9:54:17 AM permalink
Here's my system.

We get to the casino, and because Mrs Mosca plays slots, and I love Mrs Mosca, I sit next to her and play some slots. I usually pick a machine where max bet is between $2 and $3. If I win, that's cool. If I lose, that's not too cool. In either case, after a bit I'll say to her, "I'm going to go play some tables now."

Then I go play some tables, sometimes blackjack or craps, but mostly the goofball stuff, like 3 Card and 4 Card, or UTH, or Mississippi. A couple dollars here or there, that is irrelevant to me. I like fishing for a big hit. So I play all the side bets, except when they get stacked too high like at 3 Card in a CET casino.

Sometimes this works out, and sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't, I stop with about $300-$500 left, and I go to the $5 Wheel of Fortune machines, and pick one that looks lucky. Then I try to get one of those nice wheel spins. If I get one, YAY! I'm back in business! If not, BOO! Time to hit the room and watch TV until next session when I can tap my bankroll. Or, at my home casino, time to track down Mrs Mosca and ask if she's ready to leave yet. (In all fairness, she's usually tapped out before me, and sitting next to me at a table watching.)

I can't say that this system has created a lifetime win. I don't really keep track anyhow. What it is, though, is a serious blast sometimes. And sometimes it isn't. But when it's a blast, it is a really, really good one.
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October 17th, 2015 at 11:32:00 AM permalink
FWIW, sounds like a very reasonable system to me.
Glad you have some big fun now and then.
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October 17th, 2015 at 2:09:52 PM permalink
Well, we are similar in that we accept negative expectation gaming.

I try to have fun regardless of win or loss - obviously this is easier when in fact winning.

Running into the Wizard's material before 'really' being a casino gambler, I have pretty much internalized his stuff too much to play side bets or even games with 2-3% HE. However, I have come around enough to not just look at HE anymore. I play very little BJ even though I am competent enough to play at less than 1% HE - even 0.5% if the rules are good. The variance is too low.

I've just started to play UTH and Miss. Stud - both much better IMO, although the HE at Stud bugs me a bit.
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You can actually pick a machine that looks lucky..........
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Quote: Mosca

Time to hit the room and watch TV until next session when I can tap my bankroll.

Why tap your bankroll when you could tap Mrs Mosca?
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Quote: Mosca

(In all fairness, she's usually tapped out before me, and sitting next to me at a table watching.)

You're lucky. my wife never wants to
stop, I have to drag her out every
time. Winning losing, she never wants
to go. Drives me nuts.
"It's not called gambling if the math is on your side."
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My daughter would only win back when the casinos closed at 2 am. Even then she would hide from security and try and play to the very last minute.
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