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Just as your actual experience was a bit different from your expectations, most lottery purchasers have ill-formed, vague notions about their chances and their decision making. Some feel its "just a buck" but they spend several of those each week. Some feel "someone has to win" but I'd think they would have different feelings if a death row inmate escaped and the government decided to hold a lottery to see who died in his place.

We don't need precision in decisions involving a few dollars... and that is why casinos exist. Its also why lotteries are so heavily advertized. They sell you a one in a zillion dream. And if it evaporates into thin air...no one is upset or surprised.
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Quote: kubikulann

Oh ! no. I put it on an account and waited for a good opportunity of finding a new house. Real estate is not cheap in Brussels (siege of the EU, NATO, etc.)

Return rates are quite low (or too risky) to generate a decent revenue from 400,000 , I don't know how you would manage to retire after 5 years :-)

The good thing, as lond as that money was on an account, was that I felt sooo free in my relationship with the hierarchy. "If they don't like it, bugger them!"
Now that all is in my house, I'm back in the sad inferior position where I need the job.

Did you pay for the house free and clear, or was the 400K not enough and you still have a mortgage? If you own the house outright, at least your monthly expenses should be much lower without rent or a payment.

I apologize if these questions are too personal, but I am fascinated by the impact of a win like this on personal finances. Especially when it's a huge chunk of money, but not an outlandish chunk like $100MM or (100,000,000 EUR). It's a shload of money, but unfortunately not more money than you will ever need in the rest of your life.
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We sort of "upgraded" the house level, with a mortgage. But this is also an investment, considering the real estate situation here.
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