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Quote: billryan

Off topic, but are you experiencing any trouble finding places to stay? My RV park is full and has been for months with contractors working on the wall. Now the snowbirds are starting and there is no room for them, even dry camping is tough. From what I hear, this situation is from the New Mexico line to the Pacific.

No problems at all.
In Santa Fe a week then Albuquerque then el paso with reservations. Looking into silver city end of the month.
May winter in Vegas
Who knows
Just wandering planning only a few weeks out
I am glampling
I only camp where I can get a full hook up
Wifi very important
I pay close attention to reviews and stay at some of the nicest RV parks around.
Some with the controversial rule - RV must be less then 10 years old.
Retired. Life is short. Living the dream
"Everybody's bragging and drinking that wine, I can tell the Queen of Diamonds by the way she shines, Come to Daddy on an inside straight, I got no chance of losing this time" -Grateful Dead- "Loser"

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