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indian tribes enter into agreements with the state in which they have a casino. this covers lots of things, including of course, the monies paod to the state on a yearly basis. the gaming commission of each state should have these agreements on their websites.
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Quote: 100xOdds

does the state gaming commission have any authority over the indian casinos?
if not, then what entity provides oversight?

The details vary state-to-state, depending upon the nature of the state-tribe agreement.

In a state like North Carolina, which has no other forms of gambling to regulate and therefore has no other reason to organize and fund a state gaming commission, the State simply punted to the Eastern Band of Cherokee Tribes. So, in North Carolina, the gaming commission is 100% tribal with no State oversight. The Tribal Gaming Commission goes through the motions so as to satisfy the Federal Regulations promulgated by the U.S. Senate Indian Affairs Committee. I personally think its very ineffective -almost like zero regulation - but industry shills on this site claim otherwise (without having ever seen that kind of system in action).

Other states that had horse racing or lotteries or allowed bingo prior to getting Indian Casinos tend to have fully independent Gaming Commissions within their state governments to regulate Indian casinos. Its common sense to assume that those states provide more effective regulation.
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I know in my home state in the midwest, you can still legally gamble in a tribal casino, even if you've placed yourself on the voluntary self ban list for the state. I've often wondered how the tribes manage to work around that rule, as well as if anyone has ever won a jackpot at a tribal casino after putting themselves on a self ban in the rest of the state?

Sorry if it's slightly off topic, but seemed like a relevant question given the topic, and not worthy of a new thread of its own.
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>>...if anyone has ever won a jackpot at a tribal casino after putting themselves on a self ban in the rest of the state

Hmmm... Hit the jackpot and, instead of a hand pay, the casino says, "Bub, you aren't allowed to gamble, so we cannot pay you. Too bad." I dunno, but it would sure be negative reinforcement for the banned gambler.

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