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The casinos tab shows the total number of table games and slots at each property. I realize O'Sheas doesn't have a hotel, so it is technically part of the Flamingo, and thus in the chart on the casinos page O'Sheas shows 18 poker tables, 118 table games, and 1445 slots. But someone going by those numbers would be really underwhelmed if they actually went to O'Sheas. Don't get me wrong, I like to stroll through O'Sheas and play from time to time myself, so I'm not knocking the place for its small size. Is there a plan for an update to the site show the number of tables actually on the O'Sheas part of the property? I see a review is coming soon, hopefully it will answer my question.
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You make a very good point. I think I'll have O'Sheas removed, and remark about it in the Flamingo review.
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Yes, perhaps some sort of cross-reference would help.
I know someone might want to look up O'Sheas but the Gaming Board considers it to be part of The Flamingo.

Ofcourse, some people who were IN O'Sheas were once looking for it. I'm told that some players were so drunk that the decorations of green leprechauns and green shamrocks didn't seem to suggest anything to them so they approached a dealer and asked how to get to O'Sheas.

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