Posted by yeababee
Sep 03, 2014

Average dragon and panda wins per shuffle master shoe?

any ideas, odds of 0 draons


odiousgambit Sep 06, 2014

>any ideas

yep, you will get better results not blogging with questions. The forum is not that hard to use if you will take a moment to click around.

Posted by yeababee
Sep 01, 2014

Does anyone know of a hand shuffle baccarat game

Anywhere in the world?


rdw4potus Sep 01, 2014

Lots of the California clubs that have baccarat have hand-shuffled games. But, the cards are hand-shuffled in the back room and then the whole shoe is brought to the table pre-loaded. I'm thinking that's not what you had in mind...

Buzzard Sep 01, 2014

Also be aware in the past , they have been accused of removing half of the 9's in the back room !

bigfoot66 Sep 03, 2014

Aquarius in Laughlin.

yeababee Sep 03, 2014

Aquarius doesn't have the dragon bet neither does anywhere in Australia

yeababee Sep 19, 2014

The aquarius will tell you on the phone they have baccarat and when you get there .... no baccarat! You have been warned!

beachbumbabs Sep 19, 2014

The Victory Casino Cruise out of Port Canaveral, FL, USA has a hand-shuffled mini-bacc game (EZ Bac - no commission), 6 deck, cut card 16 from the end, $5 minimum most cruises, Dragon 7 bonus bet. PM me if you need website or contact info, but it should be the first thing you see if you google the name. All their games are hand-shuffled; they brag about it on the website. I recommend them highly, and there are many inexpensive, lovely beachside hotels nearby. They sail twice a day.