Posted by Wifeslayer
Jun 28, 2019

Help wtf am I doing wrong!

I want to start by saying I apologize to all of the members on this forum who encountered my past troll posts I was talking out my ass for those who did come across my posts or comments. With that out of the way I want to quickly explain my situation and question. Situation- I am mind bent on beating my local casino, itís a tribal casino I play only the best bets recently Iíve been betting banker in EZ bac and also using advantage play on the dragon/panda co/count I bet these side bets when the count becomes appropriate and what not. I bet only banker (1.02% HE ) when the count is not at +32 for side bets.5$ dragon/panda (rare to bet these maybe 3-4 hands per shu.
Ok so when Iíve lost to much on ez bacc I move to card counting black jack. Now I know my local blackjack is a beatable game this casino in particular offers great rules except for 60% deck pen and 25$ min bet. 3/2bj 5 deck double after split late surrender hits soft 17....

Tonight I lost 500$ but the entire month of June Iíve lost exactly 1700$
My question why am I getting bent over the blackjack table then maliciously raped by natives excuse my language Iím pissed yess entertainment bla bla paying for entertainment screw that im playing the two only two best games with mild /moderate counting which should pull the HE down ever so slightly why is this happening the losses are so massive never ever do I walk with money why...

One more thing I know itís coming I understand how terrible variance can be but with the hours of play that I currently go through variance is not the issue please trust me on this


OnceDear Jun 28, 2019

Can you really get an edge at baccarat? One that's worth waiting for?

Hit on soft 17 is a bad rule for you. 60% penn should mean you spend most of your time wonged out or playing into a losing game.

Unless you are getting your wagering levels in the right order of magnitude for your bankroll, you WILL get your ass handed to you. Losing 500 on the night makes me think you are not.

With your current hours of play, you ARE NOT even close to scratching the surface on beating variance.

Why do I suspect you ramp up bets to chase losses?

Wifeslayer Jun 29, 2019

Thanks you for the response I will change by bl strategy