Posted by theguy2160
Jan 14, 2020

Is it possible to gain an edge in the sidebet pot of gold?

I recently encountered a side bet on "freebet blackjack" tables called "Pot of Gold" The idea behind it is have as many splits (Not including face cards) and doubles (hard 9, 10, or 11). The payout is as follows:
Amount of Splits/Doubles Payout
5-7 100:1
4 50:1
3 30:1
2 12:1
1 3:1
I saw that the game had about a 2 percent house edge, but considering that the bet cannot possible win if there is a facecard in your hand, and an ace reduces the odds a lot (can only win if dealt another ace), I was wondering if a certain negative true count would move the odds into the players favor? (Using hi-Lo 2-6: +1, 7-9:even, and 10-A: -1)
One other thing I like about the bet is that you can bet more on the sidebet than the hand(so you can still bet minimum when the count is negative).
When I played recently, I'd occasionally throw out a bet whenever the true count was below -2 and was holding my own. Let me know if anyone can crunch the numbers and what the trigger count would be for when to bet it! Thanks!


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