Posted by SOOPOO
Jan 25, 2014

The Wiz, Axelwolf, and Ahigh

I am back in frigid Buffalo after my Vegas trip. I had a great time separately meeting the 3 most interesting men on the forum. Mike and I had dinner at Red Rock casino, and when the bill came I expected us to split it. Mike, never out of character, picked up the tab as he explained it was still +EV for him as he was tired and didn't have to drive down to the strip to meet me! I will reciprocate when I can get him down to Western NY and Southern Ontario to review our now 5 casinos! I do promise him I can supply attractive models free of charge as an incentive.
I rolled some dice with Ahigh at Gold Coast, and betting $5 with double odds, and many come bets, I made over $500 on just 3 shooters. One of them hit 4 points on the fire bet, and I set 4 as the point 3 times, making two of them. Aaron, who as always has a specific goal, made $60 and quit. The look on the crew's faces when I quit after the hot roll was quizzical. I don't think they are used to someone winning and walking away with their winnings.
Axelwolf is a very nice guy, with a very nice (and hot) girlfriend! I had a great time chatting with him about opportunities in the AP world, and hopefully will work with him in April.
Unfortunately my schedule did not mesh with NicksGamingStuff's, as I always try and have a drink with him.
Variance was on my side at the 3 other games I played... Pai Gow Tiles, Pai Gow poker, and my favorite game which is now only dealt at the Gold Coast, Asia poker.
Looking forward to seeing many more forum members in April......


Buzzard Jan 25, 2014

Leaving Vegas is always regretful. And then a frigid welcome back in Buffalo. At least you have your memories to keep you warm !

Posted by SOOPOO
Nov 26, 2013

Vegas January 20 to 24

Work prevents me from joining the gang in December, but I will be able to make it out for a week long conference. The lectures are in the morning only. As usual I'll be staying at the Rio, and hopefully will get at least one round of golf in, and some gaming with any of the locals who may be interested. Anyone interested can either pm me, or respond on this blog.

Posted by SOOPOO
Oct 22, 2012

Vegas trip coinciding with HotBlonde Challenge

Just back in Buffalo after trip to DC (anesthesia conference) and Vegas. Great time at both. Met the following forum members in Vegas--- Wizard, HotBlonde, NicksGamingStuff and spouse, Max, teddys, AcesAndEights, Ahigh. Gambling part--- ended up down $200--- great for as many hours I played, and considering probably $100 of that was tips to dealers/cocktail waitresses, a very good trip. I was in Vegas for 4 full days/nights, and probably logged 25 hours at the pai gow tiles and cards tables, probably 20 at tiles. So i guessed i was down $100 with one hand to go, put up $105, as psychologically I just wanted to end up ahead...... dealt pair of low 4's and a high 8----- an extremely strong tiles hand.... dealer has pair of high 8's and a 9.... I lose..... didnt have the balls to go $210.... Best 'PaiGowDan' moment.... At MSS, sit to play PaiGow Cards.... cashed in for $200, down to $115... decide to bet all... push.... now banking and bet all.... have extra single dollar--- at MSS even when banking you have to put your chips in the circle... so I asked if I could bet the last dollar for the dealer... dealer has no idea.. asks pit boss... pit boss says yes... pit boss consults other person... makes phone call... after cards dealt while I am setting my hand they tell me I can't make that bet.... almost in a way like I was trying to taske advantage... for the stinking dollar I was betting for the dealer... anyway dealt low straight and q-9.... dealer has 6622JT9--- sets it two pair with JT---- I win... wasn't about to ask about if their house ways puts a JT up top... Color up--- return to watch teddys and Aces roll them bones.... One other PGD moment... Wiz wins one when it should have been a push due to dealer not noticing a straight.... I lost as my hand was so dismal it didnt help me...
HB part--- Regardless of whether HB and I will ever speak again (I think we will), seeing her transformed from an obese woman to a curvaceous, confident, HotBlonde was nothing short of remarkable. As my lady friend wasn't able to come to Vegas, I had that free night, and HB and I went to Joe's Stone Crab... There was lots of forum discussion, coincidentally, as we were walking in the Forum Shops, about the odyssey that had just been completed. We then went to Cosmopolitan, as I was meeting a local friend there, and HB started to tear up the tables, at least she won the first 6 hands, then I had to go meet my friend. Of note the gentlemen at the table all seemed quite pleased that HB chose to sit in the single empty seat. I think the night went very well, despite the one moment of tension... Since when i came to vegas I wasn't sure if I would even be seeing HB, I brought a check to pay off mine and GolfBuddy's debts, as I definitely wanted some record that the money went to HB. I will be showing GolfBuddy the cancelled check. But HB expected to be paid in cash, as she wanted a higher bankroll to 'withstand variance'. I was hoping she would take the check back to LA, but as the forum must know by now HB does what HB wants to do! We saw each other for a few minutes at MSS the next day, and I left HB with teddys and AcesAndEights, letting those youngsters enjoy the night without the old guy.... I hope to see HB again if our Vegas plans coincide....
I also did go hiking with Mike and his son.... well... I walked a little.... saw the ascent.... waited at the bottom while Mike and his son climbed in Red Rock Canyon....
I met Ahigh at the Rio... we had dinner and then 'rolled them bones'... I asked what his 'plan' was when he was rolling, and he said he would be trying for 6's and 8's. I can't accurately describe his betting pattern, as there was none, as he was changing his bets constantly (to the dealers chagrin), but in the very short sample he did roll a disproportional amount of 6's and 8's. His betting pattern did not let him take advantage much of his good roll, but after a short while he was up $60 and decided to quit. I watched his technique, and the dice seemed to be bouncing around the table as randomly as possible. Sometimes the dice would finish around a foot from the back wall, and on one seven out one die almost was back where Ahigh was shooting from. I am now more convinced than ever that Ahigh has no dice control abilities, and he and I will be designing something for my next trip to Vegas. It was very nice of him to come to the Rio to meet me.
By the way, there was a power outage at the Rio while I was at the tiles table. When the power returned I went around asking the VP and slot players what happened to them, if they were mid spin, and all seemed to think that when the power returned they were exactly where they were before the power went out.
The Rio pool was GREAT. 85 and sunny, and the pool was warmed to high 80's.
Ok CET bashers.... for my 25 hours of average $35 tiles/pai gow poker I accumulated....... $19 in comps! But I had 3 free nights, and the 4th was only $40.... so that is perfect for me....

Summary...... I love Vegas


Ayecarumba Oct 22, 2012

Thanks for this update SOOPOO. I enjoyed it. Just a guess on the house way, but lacking an Ace, I think two small pairs are only split when the high pair is 5's or lower.

Regarding AHigh's methodology, do you ascribe the "disproportional" number of 6's and 8's to variance as opposed to "technique"?

SOOPOO Oct 22, 2012

Variance. I am now 100% convinced that Ahigh has no dice control abilities after watching him throw them. He would not state unequivocally that he can control the dice, but he thinks he can! He's not doing this for anything other than his own interest.

avargov Oct 22, 2012

C'mon SooPoo!!!! Even I was able to make it to the top, and I am sure Mike can attest that I am in far poorer shape than you appear to be! lol BTW, I was out of town (still am actually), perhaps we can meet another time.

Wizard Oct 22, 2012

I'm glad you confessed to failing the Red Cap challenge. However, at least you tried. Indeed, aragov did make it.

SOOPOO Oct 24, 2012

maybe this was written elsewhere, but it was probably lost in the 'outage', but I was 2-0 against Mike on prop bets. One bet Mike surmised that at least one of two cute hostesses at Yard House would know what an oncologist was. When I started chatting with them I was upset to find out that they were premed college students! But... they still didn't know what an oncologist was, one guessing it had something to do with the comedy industry! The second bet was the one where Mike owed me 25 pushups, which I ceded to his son....