Posted by shevy.gill
Dec 17, 2016

Turn $100 Into $400

Once you choose to join you pay $100 for a spot after the diamond is full and you will be next on the list depending on the order you join to be paid next. The person in the middle is paid by the 4 joining. Then they go on list and the next on list is in middle to get Paid... We never split and we reinvest.. Get in now while the list is short...interested? $100 for $400 same way but short list. No loom blessing list

We are a team we never split so u not left hanging and when we cash out we re invest in the next person info inbox me at


Wizard Dec 17, 2016

Commercial posts are prohibited except by permission from management. I highly doubt any of them gave permission to promote a a pyramid scheme.

Three-day suspension.

BTW, I think you would have had better chances at catching a sucker if you posted this in the forum, not a blog entry.

OnceDear Dec 18, 2016

This is a 'Blessing loom scam' currently very popular in the run up to Christmas. The OP has simultaneously spammed another gambing forum where she directs suckers to her facebook page.

'Blessing loom schemes' fail most tests of legality and of course are simply ponzi schemes by another name.

Boz Dec 19, 2016

When you get back from your suspension, please fill me in on the details. This seems like a very good proposal!

OnceDear Dec 19, 2016

Oh Boz, You gotta be having a laugh !


FleaStiff Dec 28, 2016

May I suggest the Nuclear Option!!