Posted by RamonJournal
Aug 03, 2019

Nevada Tenant Rights

When it comes to tenant rights in Nevada, we end up short with answers. The reason why is because there is not enough support in the state legislature for consumers. In fact, the government's interests go beyond the rights of tenants. Lawmakers spend more time legislating bills for the wealthiest than the middle-class people.

Landlords have so much power over tenants that sometimes we see no way out of the cave. Similar to famous Plato's Cave theory, where you feel a prisoner chained inside a cave with no doors to escape. That's how landlords treat tenants nowd days.

But now we have some victory with recently July 1, Senate Bill 151. Landlords can no longer charge whatever they please when it comes to the late fee for not paying the rent on time. The new bill force landlords to charge 5 percent late fee over the tenantís rent. It also extends the eviction notice from five to seven business days after they were served for overdue charges.

But I like to call the Nevadans to raise their voices and demand fair treatment. We the tenants can easily get fined by landlords, but what about them? Why not making a legislative bill to apply a fine to them too? Especially when they refuse to do some repairs to our apartments.

it is time to take our thoughts into action. Please response with your suggestions. Thank you.


FleaStiff Aug 04, 2019

why can't newspaper readers fine reporters for suggesting there be a court-clogging civil action to determine if paint was 'white' versus 'off-white' or if a repairman could have shown up at noon instead of at 3;00pm?

odiousgambit Aug 04, 2019

>Plato's Cave theory, where you feel a prisoner chained inside a cave with no doors to escape

I always thought Plato was gay, but I didn't really know he was the masochist type

billryan Aug 10, 2019

Perhaps you can gather some of the survivors from next month's Area 51 invasion and march on Carson City.

RamonJournal Aug 11, 2019


I don't know who you are and I really careless. The one thing I know is that there is a lack of epistemology on your side. Just to remind you billrayn, I don't know how much education you have and if you ever learned anything from it, but YOU, MY FRIEND - YOUR ANCESTORS CAME BEFORE ME. I WAS HERE BEFORE YOU AND YOUR ENTIRE TREE HIERARCHY. Read 1848 INVASION.

~ There are many professions that don't need a lot of skills, such as igonorance.

~ Ramon Elizondo