Posted by pinhole8burns
Nov 13, 2016

Bovada and the wizard

The other guarantee is of course that double downs and splits are losses with the house getting 21 or just one more than me. And remember bovada is keeping track of this for me, so it's not me repressing memories it's all there neatly organized for me to analyze.
The truth is bovada has already admitted to cheating when it was called bodog. They said that they provide entertainment to their members, professional gambling is not allowed. If a good player consistently wins their experience would not be realistic and therefore not fun. This is why they track players and adjust results accordingly to make sure players are just having "fun". With blackjack this is done very easily according to how far ahead or behind a player is. The rng works on complicated algorithms because computers cannot do anything close to randomly generating a number. This is hard for us to understand because it is so easy for us to do it, but with a computer nothing is random everything must be programmed. The rng algorithms must be given a seed to to start from. Each seed has a preset outcome for an infinite number of cards. When you adjusted for the way a player will act given these cards playing blackjack you get a very accurate prediction of wins and losses that will come from each different seed. The owner of the rng program also owns the seeds and the predicted results from those individual seeds. The seed is constantly adjusted to get the results they want. The short pause when playing are the seed being adjusted. when the program kicks you out to re log in it is alerting a programmer to make an decision on the next adjustment, weather it be good or bad for the player.
I have omitted the first part of this post because something else has gotten my attention. It was at first a far away question asked in passing carried by the breeze, incomplete to my ear. It is now being screamed from an inch away into my ear: the wizard dismisses all inquiries about basic strategy as nonsense. Given the fact that it is determined using computers, and that computers cannot duplicate the simple randomness of a deck of cards it's not truly accurate. Because this is not the first thing stated in response to any question on its validity than I can come to only two conclusions. One is that the wizards own ego has blinded him to something that is so completely obvious. Or he is intentionally lying with intention to mislead with his answers. After reading the responses to others who find it obvious that bovada is cheating them it's more than clear that it's true. Everyone gets the same assault of people saying they are just having bad luck or don't know how to play. Don't forget that bovada has already admitted on the record that they do cheat their players, and explained why. But hey if I was getting payed by them for as much advertising space as he is I'd be lying for them also.
"Bovada is completely fair... make the cheque out to cash please"


beachbumbabs Nov 14, 2016

It's one thing to question how games are designed or presented. It's another to attack the Wizard with personal insults like this. The Wizard and the new owners of this site all make a dedicated effort to resolve problems if they come up with sponsor casinos, and to answer questions as player advocates.

You have made yourself unwelcome with this blog post, and i have banned you in accordance with the forum rules.

MichaelBluejay Nov 23, 2016

pinhole8burns, you clearly have no idea how pRNG's work. They *are indeed* an accurate representation of true randomness, which is precisely why they're used. Further, if Bodog (which is still around) or Bovada were cheating in the manner you described, it would be exceedingly easy to spot, and it would have been -- by any of a number of people who collected actual data and did a real analysis on it, compared to your worthless blabbering that arrives with exactly zero evidence to back it up.