Posted by NE2WIN
Feb 20, 2014

Poker Patent US8,506,375 Owner , Needs Experienced Gaming Industry Coach / Partner For Guidance !

Now that I own Poker Patent US8,506,375 with multiple Pct's worldwide , I need an experienced individual that can take my game to market and start profiting from it .

My funding is limited , but I do own 75% of my patent , if that means I have to partner up for a percentage of ownership , then so be it .

If anyone can assist me with any detailed information , or contacts , it would be greatly appreciated and compensated .

I can be reached at : wkrpinwilloughby ***at***

Phone : 1-216-316-0262

I Thank You in advance for Your Time and Consideration ,

Kenneth Raymond Patrick Ward


Wizard Feb 20, 2014

Next time, please seek admin approval before posting an ad. I'll let it slide this time.

rdw4potus Feb 20, 2014

Someone should do this guy a favor and obfuscate the contact info in this post.

Wizard Feb 20, 2014

I just replaced the @ with ***at***, for his own protection against Spam Bots. I assume he wants the rest to be known.

MathExtremist Feb 20, 2014

I'm not aware of anyone successfully monetizing a player-banked poker game method. Are there any examples I'm overlooking (besides technology improvements that aren't possible in a live setting, like rush poker)?