Posted by mlordscot
Jun 24, 2012

KENO - Live vs Video

Mr. Wizard, in the Introduction page for Keno, you state in part: "In video Keno the ....machine picks the draw randomly. Live edge is much higher than video keno". Please advise how and why (and in what fashion) live Keno's house edge is much higher over video Keno. I have always been under the asumption both types were based completely on random selection. Thank you. mlordscot


Tiltpoul Jun 24, 2012

It's unlikely the Wizard is going to read this blog post. You might want to make this a thread, though I can give you a rough answer...

The difference will be in paybacks. Since video keno has about 100x as many decisions an hour, the payback can be set at a higher rate than live Keno. Live will have 20-30 drawings an hour, where video Keno can easily have 500-600 decisions an hour, depending on how fast you want to hit that button. If the casino wants to hold, say $50 for every $100 wagered, they have to payback at a lesser amount on a live game. On a video game, they can give some more hits to keep the player playing.

mlordscot Jun 24, 2012

Thank you Tiltpol for taking the initiative to answer my question. To confirm, live and video results are both accomplished by exclusively random draws. However, the VIDEO game payout rates are which modify the returns. Right? Again, Tiltpol, appreciate your prompt response!!!