Posted by mickmath
Apr 16, 2017

Blackjack Progressive Match

On The Wizard's website the odds for the "old" progressive payouts for matching blackjack are posted. I was wondering if anyone can give me the odds on the added minor and major jackpots that Foxwood added. If the dealer has a King or Ace and the player has a matching pair (doesn't need to be suited) then you get the jackpot. It has the same payouts Version 1(8 Deck), but with these two added. I and my friend have won it about 12 times over 7 trips not including 4 $1000 payouts. The payouts have ranged from $430-$2800 with 4 over the $1500. Are we extremely lucky or do those two added bonus have better odds. Also I have seen 3 times when it was hit (or would have been had all been playing) at the same table during the same hand.