Posted by MasterJun
Mar 08, 2020

A Question, about used gaming cards of Baccarat game

I've got a question to the employees working in casinos.

How Major Casinos in Las vegas & Macau dispose of the used gaming card?
A casino I'm working in, count the whole deck of cards and cut the edge of it.

I think that Counting used gaming card is absolutely unnecessary.
Because most of casinos are using the electronic Baccrat shoe.

Please Leave a comment.
Thank you.


flavdoc Mar 17, 2020

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LVJackal Mar 23, 2020

Depends on many things. If we isolate to Baccarat only... with an electronic shoe that displays results and is only used once, a random card has much less value.

So Bacc in this instance is pretty solid... moving on... is Ultimate Texas Hold Em protected? Are they the same decks? Hand shuffled or not? An Ace or 10 is pretty inconsequential in Baccarat- yet not so much in many other games. If i introduced an Ace or 10 in Blackjack at an 8 deck table for $10k would it be caught?

Posted by MasterJun
May 23, 2019

Baccarat, The house edge in the special condition.

I'm trying to calculate the House edge of baccarat in the special condition below.

* 8 decks
* No KING cards each deck (1 deck=48 cards, so the number of 8 decks cards is 384 )

I'm wondering The house edge would be changed (from banker 1.06, Player 1.23)
If someone calculate this one, I like to call him/she a genius.



OnceDear May 23, 2019

Are you removing 1 king per deck, or all 4?

MasterJun May 24, 2019


I'm removing all 4 Kings per deck.

ssho88 May 25, 2019

You donít have to be a genius to calculate this, 1.006536646% and 1.282573642%

MasterJun May 31, 2019


Thank you for the answer.

But How did u calculate this?

Could you please show me??

ssho88 Jun 01, 2019

CBA(combination Analysis)

MasterJun Jun 05, 2019

"CBA" is a Program? or something Like Excel?

ssho88 Jun 07, 2019

It's a program, loop through all the possible hands

MasterJun Jun 09, 2019

Got it.

Thank you very much.