Posted by lvnewbie
Aug 06, 2011

house advantage

I'm new at this, so be gentle. If the payoff on a bet of Any Seven were 5 to 1 instead of 4 to 1, the house would have no advantage, right?


FleaStiff Aug 06, 2011

H'mmm I forget about this "to" and "for" stuff. I think you are right though.

odiousgambit Aug 06, 2011

I'll gently say the other bloggers don't like it if you ask a question by blogging.

chances are 1/6, so fair odds are 1 to 5 . You are correct.

lvnewbie Aug 06, 2011

How do I post a question

without blogging?

matilda Aug 06, 2011

Click forums at top of page. Choose craps and click on it. Click new thread. Ask your question.