Posted by Jorge
Jul 29, 2021

28 interesting facts about Bitcoin

1. Satoshi Nakamoto — the pseudonym of the Creator Bitcoin. The whole world is lost in the mysteries of his true identity. Satoshi created Bitcoin in 2008. A large number of attempts were made to reveal the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, but so far without results. The latest version has caused a lot of excitement, but was quickly refuted.

2. Every day there are about 1800 new bitcoins. Coins appear as a result of a process called “mining“. The most large-scale "bitcoin farm" was recorded in Hong Kong, where about 26 units of cryptocurrency were produced per day. At the same time, the" win " for the creation of a new block is reduced every 4 years: from 2009-2012 it was 50 coins per block, with ~144 blocks per day (7200btc/day), 2013-2016 it was 25 coins per block with ~144 blocks a day (3600btc/day), 2016- it is currently 12.5 per block with ~144 blocks a day (1800btc/day)

3. The first Bitcoin transaction took place on January 21, 2009. Satoshi transferred 10 BTC to another digital tank and cryptographer named Hal Finney

4. Satoshi was one of the first miners and personally mined about one million bitcoins and, apparently, they still belong to him. Researchers are still trying to discover Nakamoto's wallets to get out on his trail, but Satoshi remains calm.

5. It was assumed that in 2140 the last bitcoin Will be mined. But this date keeps getting revised. as the maths was meant to be that 210,000 blocks the reward halves. but due to the variance of difficulty and the mining competition of increasing hashrates. 210,000 blocks are not solved to schedule. the block halvings have been occuring earlier than predicted and thus the final event will happen sooner than 2140.

6. 21 million-this is the maximum number of bitcoins that will ever be mined. To date, more than 17 million have been produced. The mining proces halves the coins per block produced every 210,000 blocks which is suppose to be roughly every 4 years but due to the mining competition this schedule is not exact.

7. Attempts were made to create the physical equivalent of Bitcoin (in the form of a coin). In fact, Casascius is nothing more than" cold wallets " with a holographic access key code printed on them, only the coins are molded in the form factor. It is the Casascius coins that we see on all these beautiful photos with Bitcoin “coins”. The dwarf island jurisdiction of Alderney, also announced its plans to mint physical equivalents of Bitcoin.

8. Only 36% of the volume of mined coins were seen in any transactions. The remaining 64% after its appearance has not yet been used.

9. Unlike physical money, the whole history of amounts being re-binded to new/updated publickeys. whereby the history is locked into a chain of blocks of data , forever sealed inside the Blockchain-global a distributed and completely open database containing data about All bitcoin wallets in the world.

10. In the current Bitcoin code 77 thousand lines of code, 70 thousand of them are written in the C++programming language. And in the very first working version of the number 0.1.0 was only-only 14 thousand lines of code in C++. This is a very small project by modern standards. For example, there are more than 15 million lines of code in the Linux kernel code.

11. Bloomberg journalist, who is not familiar with the Bitcoin security rules, carelessly showed the private key (in the form of a QR code) of his Bitcoin wallet on the air. For which he immediately paid-his funds were stolen by one of the spectators, but then, according to rumors, the money was returned to the journalist.

12. A resident of the UK named James Howels, inadvertently, threw the hard drive with the key to the wallet, which was (and apparently still is) 7500 bitcoins. This is about 62.2 million dollars at the current rate.

13. When under pressure from WikiLeaks States cut off donations via Bank transfers, the site instantly switched to accepting donations in bitcoins.

14. A guy from Norway named Christopher Koch, in 2009 bought bitcoins for $27 and forgot about them, and when he remembered, his investment has risen to 886 thousand dollars.

15. On October 29, 2013, the world's first Bitcoin ATM was installed in the Waves Coffee House cafe in the center of Vancouver (Canada).

16. The first University in the world to accept payment in Bitcoin was the University of Cyprus. In Russia such it is possible to consider High School producer and screenwriters in Saint-Petersburg.

17. Thailand became the first country in the world to ban bitcoin (but already allowed It back Smiley).

18. The biggest drop in the Bitcoin exchange rate by 80% in 24 hours occurred in April 2013.

19. After information about the sharp rise in inflation, in Argentina, the popularity of Bitcoin has increased dramatically. Any games of Central banks with the exchange rates of national currencies contribute to the growth of the population's need to save money with the help of cryptocurrencies. For example, the Kazakhs were even asked to be patriots and not to own Bitcoin.

20. In November 2013, the price of Bitcoin exceeded the price of gold for the first time.

21. 927 people own 50% of all bitcoins.

22. Lamborghini was the first car company in the world to start accepting Bitcoin.

23. Skycraft airlines were the first to sell aircraft for bitcoins.

24. A pizza bought in 2010 for bitcoins would cost $ 83 million at today's rate.

25. Mel B from Spice Girls was the first show business star to accept bitcoin for the show.

26. More than $ 200 million - this is the amount of money used in Bitcoin network transactions every day. The turnover of the Bitcoin network has recently exceeded the turnover of the Western Union. According to the capitalization at the moment of 8 billion dollars, Bitcoin is only slightly inferior to the annual GDP of a country like Estonia.

27. In addition to Bitcoin, there are more than 1500 different other cryptocurrencies. Everyone can now create their own cryptocurrency.

28. Bitcoin can be earned simply by playing Counter-Strike. The largest prize Fund in the history of Starcraft 2 was also collected thanks to Bitcoin.

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