Posted by Incogsino
Apr 21, 2017

Why no more Comps?

So lets talk about the lack of comps at the casinos lately! They have drastically toned down the offerings at the casinos in my local area. I am wondering is it due to the poor economy across the United States. The first thing that is going to take a hit is the entertainment venues such as movies, restaurants, and most definitely casinos. It have noticed it in the past two years that to get free play is like jumping through ten hoops and then they still are not giving away prizes as much as they used too. Before they would give free play $5.00 $10.00 $20.00 dollars if you came to the casino during a certain time. Now you have to earn a certain number of points on your players card before you can be consider for the free play which is from 12:00pm to 1:00pm on a Wednesday when everyone has to work????? (I'm exaggerating) but basically saying that they are not going to give you free chances without paying for them which is basically saying your buying a gift card for yourself?? You better off just using your money and just playing!! At least you don't have to handicapped the amount of money before you can actually earn valued cash to withdraw and take. Anyways I am still waiting on the infamous jackpot that I will receive. Until next time!


Zcore13 Apr 21, 2017

The whole industry is going away from just getting free stuff. Too many people take advantage of it.

You'll find more and more places offering free play or free food after you earn a certain amount of points that day.

With the advancements in player tracking and marketing (Bally and Konani player tracking are fabulous), rewarding after being earned is the future for small and medium play gamblers.

onenickelmiracle Apr 22, 2017

It is true, but also true people stop even being involved with players club. Lowered returns at machines paid for all the free play and stuff threefold. I abruptly stopped visiting casinos once my free play and benefits were cut and so did many people. Before I quit, I noticed a lot less people there, noticed nobody was winning either anymore, and I was one of the dumb ones who learned slower than the early escapees. People left there are tolerating the joint, not enjoying it, they're going to lose them as well I think. There might not be free lunches, but free lunches dont work if the casino won't let people believe the lunch is free.

onenickelmiracle Apr 22, 2017

Incogniso, you go **** that casino and show it who the boss is, for real. Tell them why you aren't coming back and don't. I did, the casino didn't care, I'm glad they didn't try keeping me as a customer. The Facebook killer Stevie Stevens kept going there and he is a dead killer now.

AnGurman12 May 04, 2017

i agree.

matsemilsson123 May 08, 2017

truth has been spoken

AnGurman12 May 10, 2017


Posted by Incogsino
Apr 13, 2017

The Cost of going to Vegas!

I went to Vegas two times in the past three years. Both times is cost lest than $3000 for me and my wife to go with full round trip tickets and a hotel each time for four nights. First time in 2014 we stayed in Flamingo which was a great experience. The second time we stayed in Planet Hollywood which was not as good as experience but a decent hotel. We chose as our means for booking the trip. I am now searching again online and the price to now go to Vegas has jumped tremendously. Why would I pay $1000 dollars to fly to Vegas for one night when I have casinos in my local community in which I could spend the money? Two to three years ago $1000 dollars could get me a round trip ticket and four to five nights in Vegas? Vegas cannot charge these prices when the primary goal for most people is to spend money either on shows or in the casinos. The economy is has changed and I understand that things are increasing price due to inflation but come on.


helgeklinger May 08, 2017

Mostly it cost me around $3000-$5000.

Incogsino May 08, 2017

helgeklinger I guess the better question is when do you go and how long do you stay. I usually go during the week because the prices are cheaper Monday through Friday and go for about four night and five days. It sounds like you go for about a week including the weekends for $5000 dollars. I wouldn't have went to Vegas that much if cost that much. Vegas used to be much cheaper. Something happening to the gambling Mecca they must be really losing money faster than I thought!!

JessicaSmoling Jun 19, 2017

I have never been to Vegas because it is really expensive for me to fly there. However, I found place where I can play my favorite slot machines without going out!perfect stuff!

Posted by Incogsino
Apr 12, 2017

So the new explosion of Casinos causing addictions.

The state of New York was given a grant in counseling field to deal with the increasing number of cases in gambling addictions. There has been an explosion of casinos in the state of New York the count is now at 22 Casinos in NY (some Racinos) in which five have opened in the last two years. I have been to at least 10 of these casinos. I believe the travel to Las Vegas is becoming less and less with the openings of these casinos in everyone's hometown.

I used to be a club goer but as I have gotten older and I am married I have not wanted to go to clubs with loud music or bars to just drink. The casinos have been a What I know about the environment of casinos is that they are nice alternatives to play games, stay out late( most casinos in NY don't close until 4:00 am or are 24 hours, have a drink, get something to eat, get a room (wink wink) and just an all in one playground for the adults especially since no one under the age of 18 can enter the casinos.

Gambling can be fun if you do it on occasion and spend wisely. I am looking forward to going back to Vegas soon. There is still no place like Las Vegas strip but next time I go to Vegas I would like to see downtown Vegas or Old Vegas to get a different feel.

Posted by Incogsino
Mar 13, 2017

I' m back everyone.

Hello everyone. I'm back for the year 2017. I was playing all of 2016 but I was not able to post any blogs because it was rough year. I am learning that gambling can be difficult but is still enjoyable. I made a significant amount of money last year about 8000.00 in jackpots but put it all back in due to greed. I am learning that it does cost me money but I enjoy it just the same. I am still using intuition to assist me in picking the right slots and its works have the time, kind of like an unsure bet. I. We have a new casino that Opened in upstate NY called Delago. It is very nice. I visited a couple of weeks ago. I will probably be putting up a video this week on my Youtube Channel. I want to give a brief tour of the casino and maybe get some slot play in also. Keep tuning in to my blog for more adventures and jackpots for 2017. I'm back baby!!


SM777 Mar 14, 2017

Have you considered selling your slot picks to others? Charge casino patrons after using your intuition to direct them to a winning slot machine.

Incogsino Mar 20, 2017

SM 777 that is a great idea! I am trying to find a focus but I guess I can just tell everything that I know. thanks for the suggestion!

gratianus Apr 19, 2017

I suspect that the suggestion that you sell your intuition based picks of favorable slot machines was satirical. I have a friend who swears he has a gift for choosing slots that are about to pay off. I'm sure he's sincere and he probably bases that view on selective memory. However, I am sure I have other friends who are (were?) just as sincere in the same belief who don't mention their "gift" because it just has never panned out. Slots have no memory, have no bias and don't ripen like fruit. Enjoy them but don't expect anything from them.

Incogsino May 05, 2017

gratianus I am sure that he was being sarcastic but again I am a realist. I do know for sure that the six sense is a real thing and people continue even today try to deny that there is no existence of this. I try to stay away from talking about it too frequently. When you tell someone there is always the people who are like "your crazy and if you did have a method why are telling everyone for free."??? You're right from a business stand point even if I did figure out a way to truly beat the slots why would I tell the public let alone the casino industry. I have decided that I would only tell individuals who contacted privately by email exactly what to do because in an open forum some ideas and practices cannot be discussed. I love challenges and when the casinos keep putting out that there is not way to beat the games I know its BS. Why? Cause they don't want people to figure out the tells of any of the games because they would lose money and losing money for a business is a cardinal sin!! I like the culture of casino and gambling life and thats what my you tube channel is more focused on. I do have a couple videos on developing intuition but that is something that you can choose to do if yo u believe.

OscarDelgado11 Jun 02, 2017

What is the you channel name

Posted by Incogsino
Oct 26, 2015

Has anyone played Video Blackjack and do you prefer it to Blackjack at a Table?

I played video blackjack for the first time in Vegas and did really well. We finally have some video blackjack games on the east coast at Saratoga Casino next to NYC but its a drive for me. I like playing Video blackjack cause you can slow the game down and think without having other players and the dealer giving you the evil eye by slowing down the game lmao! I heard that its a 10 per bet but when I went to Vegas it was as low as a 1 dollar bet per hand?! So......... not only does NY have the highest taxes but also the highest minimums??? on electronic table games. I can't win in this state. I will be posting a video on my Youtube channel playing the new video blackjack though for the east coasters! I know you Vegas dwellers probably reading this post like Video blackjack is old news.


Avincow Oct 26, 2015

Video Blackjack is fine...except that frequently the blackjacks only pay 6:5 or even 1:1 (written as '2 for 1')!! With rules like this, the house edge is over 2%. Check the blackjack payout before you play, it's gotta be 3 to 2, or no dice.