Posted by IK
Aug 21, 2023


Gee Wiz, have you actually played VP at Bovada or sister property Cafe Casino? You recommend Bovada and I've played there for 10+ years, but my god if that RNG isn't corrupt I'm a freaking idiot! The discards are almost always matched by same nomination cards. They have a prediliction to deal the inside fill almost as if a FU for not drawing to it. Two pair are more often filled with the same card as the discard. All of these anomolies occur at a far greater frequency than could possibly be real.

If you are going to continue to recommend these sites, please actually test them.


Zcore13 Aug 21, 2023

Do you have proof of this? Recorded all your sessions or have you hand by hand history? Have a spreadsheet with the amou t of times specific things happen? Without that, it's just another complaining losing blackjack player with selective memory.

EvenBob Sep 06, 2023

You see things happen on these offshore casinos on their RNG games that are so amazing they defy description. They will go to any lengths to beat you and if you have any experience it's obvious. You see things happen in just three or four games that would take you 10 years of actual playing in a casino to see the same things. It's laughable, it's a joke.