Posted by glidewell52394
Mar 05, 2014

Choctaw Casino Durant Oklahoma/ My car stolen from valet parking

My car was stolen from Choctaw Casino Durant Oklahoma on February 2, 2014 from valet parking. (new Camaro yellow with black racing stripes) I had only had the car since May and it was a present to myself. I am a very frequent customer of Choctaw, but will never use valet parking again. The security was very lax when my car was stolen and they basically gave my car away. The thief was caught and the car found about 48 hours later. The car had minor damage, but was just not the same to me! The thieves had taken everything out of the car and this was actually worth more to me than the car. My purse was in the car and lots of other personal items. This event rocked my world. My husband and I missed almost a full week of work. And the issues with the car, shutting down/ opening new accounts, and all........ It took almost a month to get my car back. This has been a nightmare.

Choctaw sent a tort claim form and we have filled it out/ sent in. Has anyone ever had any dealings with the tort process with any Indian casinos? I have spoken to so many people that have had similar things happen to them concerning valet parking at Choctaw. The tort process seems to be very confusing.

Love My Car / Never Valet Park Again at Choctaw Durant Ok


RogerKint Mar 05, 2014

In mid November, a drunk driver ran into my girlfriend's car in a tribal casino parking lot. A security guard watched it happen. Her insurance company still cannot get a report from them to settle the claim.

Ps you may want to post this in the forums so more people see it.

rdw4potus Mar 06, 2014

Is Choctaw one of the OK casinos that waives sovereignty and settles civil claims in OK State court?

teddys Mar 06, 2014

They do waive sovereignty and you should get a lawyer who is licensed in the OK civil courts. (Just sayin')

Zcore13 Mar 06, 2014

Did they give your keys to the wrong person or was the car just stolen? I don't think valet parking includes any extra security guarantees over regular parking. As far as I know valet parking is for the convenience of not having to park your own car. A car can be stolen from anywhere in the lot and I don't think the Casino is liable.