Posted by fortissimo
Feb 13, 2011

EZ Baccarat Dragon Bet - Optimal Card Mix for an Edge

Any ideas out there about the optimal mix of cards to get an edge on the Dragon Bet on EZ Baccarat? Say for example you could pick any cards you like as long as each deck had 52 cards.

An example in Blackjack would be a deck that only has 8's in it. You would always stand on your two 8's for a hand total of 16 and the dealer would always hit his 16 with another 8 and bust giving the player a 100% edge. All eights would of course get picked up by the pit very quickly and the game would get shut but what about a card mix in EZ Baccarat that would blend in enough to get play down with an edge on betting the Dragon?


guido111 Feb 13, 2011

It has been looked into in the above thread.

Good Luck

minnesotajoe Feb 14, 2011

I wouldn't know where to begin to get the best mix to had the Dragon 7, however, if the casino allowed me to choose the cards.. I would put all 10s, Js,Qs,Ks together and hammer the TIE. I could care less about the Dragon if I was guaranteed to win the tie.

Also, if I were playing blackjack and I knew the deck only had 8s in it I wouldn't just stand on 16... I would bet the max the casino would allow me on two hands.. and I would split the most times the casino would allow me.. and stand on all the 16s ;)

Malaru Feb 15, 2011

again- please use forums for questions- not blogs... I want to read something interesting in blogs.. not Q&As. just a friendly request.