Posted by fhksa
May 06, 2012

Basic Strategy

I have been using a Basic Strategy for blackjack when playing in the casinos. It is my understanding that the Basic Strategy is for the first 2 cards you are dealt. Do you continue to follow the Basic Strategy on the following hit cards? Is there a different strategy for 3rd, 4th or 5th cards?


FleaStiff May 06, 2012

Dealers Up-Card

2 - 3 Hit until you have 13 no matter how many cards that is.

4,5,6 Hit until you have 12 no matter how many cards that is.

7-A. Hit until you have 17 no matter how many cards that is.

fhksa May 07, 2012

So, in a 6 deck game, if the dealer shows a 2 and I start with 4-4, I hit. I get a a for for a total of 12. Do I hit again, because basic stategy says to hit a 12 against a dealer 2? Or does it not apply after the first hit?

rdw4potus May 08, 2012

In a 6 deck game, you hit again. It's unfortunate that your hand contains 3 small cards, but there are so many cards in 6 decks that you should hit again.

midwestgb May 11, 2012

I have saved a lot money following the Wiz's rule to never hit a 3+card 16 vs. 10.