Posted by ELNA
Feb 06, 2012

really stupid vidoe poker player:: wants to get smarter:

I am a really big loser on playing keno: I am going to make an effort to play poker: I look at all the poker: wow!!!! What game is best to play for a person that has never played it before...I thought I would start with holding pairs...What is the best game to play holding pairs...and what pairs do I hold...


ELNA Feb 06, 2012


rdw4potus Feb 06, 2012

It's a card that might help you, but that you're supposed to discard anyway. Say, for example, that you have KdQdJd9h2s. You should keep the suited KQJ, and discard the 9 and 2. The 9 could help you make a straight if you drew a 10, and throwing it away makes it slightly less likely that you'll fill in a straight on the draw. But, discarding the 9 and going for a straight-flush, flush, or straight with an Ace and 10 or 10 and one of the other 9s is the best play.

odiousgambit Feb 07, 2012

Hi, Elna, I had an aunt named Elna, it is kind of an unusual name I think. Or is it making a comeback?

Since you are new, you might as well know you will be better received here if you join us in the Forum instead of using your blog to ask questions. Also, you should never use all-caps as that is considered "shouting" in internet etiquette. Congratulations on graduating from Keno [and slots?] into something better and good luck!

ELNA Feb 07, 2012

Thanks ..I need all the help I can get....Keno I loved ..I have never played poker before though...and have to watch in the casino's .It confused me...and I tried reading some books...but it was overwelming with the different ways and then I accidently came across this site...I knew that this was really some facts here and not just random information....but I also know I need to start very simple so I dont get confused, and I have never texted or bloged before either...So I will print and incorporate your advice in poker stragedy...thanks again.

p.s The name: old gal I am.. and roots are from sweden. The name is a bit common there (no shouting, see I learned)