Posted by DrLotto
Mar 05, 2019

Lawsuit reveals scratchoffs not random

There's a lawsuit going on in Texas right now. Players are claiming that the rules of the Fun 5 game were unclear and they should be receiving payouts which the state is denying.

The lawsuit is a little interesting. But the documents that have been released as part of the discovery process is what I find most exciting.

Check out the game parameters that are part of the contract that the state has with GTECH, the company contracted to print the tickets.


No consecutive string of non-winning tickets will be greater than <redacted> which is 2 times the overall odds for this game rounded to the nearest whole number.

The overall odds for the game have already been published so it's easy to deduce the number that was redacted. Now we know that lottery retailers can wait until they see ~6 tickets in a row sold as losers and they are guaranteed to have a winner next in line.


OnceDear Mar 06, 2019

Woah at item 3. That blows random out of the water completely and would allow store staff or other vultures an enormous advantage.

Is this game still available?

Mission146 Mar 06, 2019

There were a few WV Lottery games kind of like this several years ago. I worked in a, “Smoke Shop,” part of a grocery store that sold them.

The problems were identifying which scratchers for which this no more than x consecutive losers was the case, then there’s actually the matter of being present for that number to be sold AND scratched in front of you. Any ticket that leaves without a known result screws the pooch and restarts the count.

Even if you information traded with a co-worker, you would go most days (just speaking to this ONE store) without the target number of that particular scratcher even being sold, much less having the results revealed. For my part, I got to buy maybe one guaranteed winner a month and most of those were breakeven prizes.

Ahigh Mar 14, 2019

Texas is retarded when it comes to gambling laws.