Posted by desk14log
Feb 26, 2019

American roulette HA and Craps question

If an operator is running a roulette promotion that pays double on a straight up winner on the number 25, what does that do to the House Advantage?

They are also running a bonus payout promotion on Craps: If the Shooter rolls a 2 and then 5 back to back they automatically win a $250 bonus. What are the odds of rolling that?



unJon Feb 28, 2019

1) So betting on 25 pays 70 to 1? If thatís what you really mean, then betting on 25 on a double zero wheel is a huge player advantage. Betting $1 returns $1.86842.

2) There are a few ways to think about this dice problem, but Iíll assume you meant what is the probability that the next two throws are a 2 then 5. Thatís 0.3086%.

odiousgambit Mar 01, 2019

for the Craps, if you bet the next throws are 2 and then 5, I get probability of 0.0061728395061728, so I differ from Unjon, one of us is wrong.

If I am right, it's 1 chance in 162, and a fair bet would be 161:1

250 to one you should definitely pounce on in a regular casino. I have to say this seems like screwy stuff to me, I suspect it is an online casino, if so I would check it out very thoroughly before betting.

odiousgambit Mar 01, 2019

I can't edit, just realized that it might be $250 to some other figure. Is it an online casino?

unJon Mar 01, 2019

The chance the next roll is a 2 is 1/36. The chance the following roll is a 5 is 4/36. The combined chance is 1/36 * 4/36 = 4 / 1296 = 0.3086%.

Odious, did I mess up somewhere?

odiousgambit Mar 02, 2019

Unjon, you were correct , I was using 1/18 * 1/9 for some dumb reason. 1 chance in 324 assuming you guessed at the bet right [we didn't get an answer] . 250 to one wouldn't cut it

our boy has flown the coop in the meantime? I still think it was online casino betting. I hate to answer something only to find out that it is some fly-by night outfit that never pays , that it is theoretically +EV becoming a mute point